Moving out of your home is a monumental task that can cause a lot stress. The truck could break down, you could smash some of your favorite dishes or you could throw out your back. After all of that you might be thinking that you are going to hire professionals for your move. Hiring professional movers can either be a great experience or a completely disastrous one. Here are some tips to help you get the best movers possible!

Online Quotes

Online quotes are not accurate. Looking for a moving service is very different than simply buying things online. You can’t get an accurate quote online or even over the phone. The best way to get an accurate quote from movers is to have them come over and see what you have. You’ll get the best estimates on large moves (anything bigger than a studio apartment) through an in-person appraisal.

By the Hour Isn’t Always Best

Most estimates movers use are by the hour but it isn’t the only way they price a move, and it might not be the cheapest either. By the hour rates are good for smaller moves, but for larger moves weight works better. Make sure you ask your moving service about the rates for by the hour, distance and weight.

The Deposit

Some companies will have you put up a deposit before they start moving, and while this is normal, be careful. If a company asks for money before work begins, the deposit amount should be minimal. Keep an eye out for demands like large or cash only deposits.

Take Everything Apart Yourself

You can save a bit of money and the mover’s time by taking apart your furniture before the movers start working. But if that’s your only reason, you may want to leave some of the more complicated pieces, like your bed, to the professionals.

You Don’t Have to Pay Their Parking Tickets

You might feel a bit obligated to pay for any parking fees the movers may have collected while moving your things into your new home or maybe the fee is just tacked onto the bill, but these parking tickets aren’t your problem. It’s actually illegal in most cities for movers to charge the customer for any tickets received while moving their things.

Basic Insurance Won’t Cut It

The basic liability coverage will cover any items that might be damaged during the move, but that might not be enough to replace any valuables or antiques you might be moving. Basic coverage is about $0.30 a pound for local moves and about $0.60 for long distance ones. It doesn’t cover as much as you’d think. Check to see if homeowners or renters policy covers moving damage and if it doesn’t, you may want to ask the mover for a higher coverage option.

They May Try to Hide Damage

While companies say that they will pay for any damage they caused, sometimes the mover forgets, or chooses to forget, to document the damage and claim it never happened. Make sure you take pictures of all your things, with a time stamp, to make sure you are compensated for any damage.

They Might Try to Hold Your Things Hostage

Some of the more disreputable movers might try to drive off with your things if there is a dispute with the customer. In some cases they are held or even sold off. You can avoid this by working with licensed movers only as you can file a formal complaint against them with the Department of Transportation

Hopefully these tips will help you to have a less stressful moving experience and allow you to move into your new home easier!

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