Smaller homes are becoming more and more popular in the market lately, partly because many buyers can’t afford the square footage in larger homes and partly because of their lower energy consumption. Even though these house are becoming more and more sought after, no one actually wants their house to look small. Here are some tips to make your rooms look bigger than they actually are!

Show Off Your Floors

The more of your floor you can see the better. Avoid furniture that goes all the way down to the ground and try to get chairs and tables with long spindly legs. This will allow light and air to move though the house creating the illusion of movement and openness.

Stay Close to the Ground

Even though you want to look for furniture with long thin legs, it doesn’t mean you have to have all your furniture up on stilts. Focus on pieces that are closer to the ground so there is more space above them and your furniture doesn’t crowd or loom over you.

Go for Curves

When picking out furniture pick things with curves like sofas with curved backs or round tables. Curves create better paths and movement around them than straight lines and hard edges, giving a room a better sense of space.

Add Some Light

Dark colors and lighting can make walls feel like they’re closing in, so wherever possible sitck with lighter colors and hues. Don’t forget that your floors and ceiling are both options when adding color to a room. Pick light colored carpet or hardwood flooring and give your ceiling a fresh coat of light colored paint.

Stick with One Color

Pick a single color and keep it. Colors that contrast can draw the attention to it and the lack of space. Monochromatic colors create more flow through the house so focus on finding different shades and textures of a color for your furniture, walls, and rugs. Stay away from striking colors for your molding and trim since these will bring attention to the borders of the walls. Uniform colors will help walls blend together and help give the rooms a more spacious feel.


Mirrors are a huge help when opening up a space. Putting a mirror across from a window adds an excellent element of décor to a room and doubles the amount of light that comes in! Mirrors are usually cheaper than wall art is.

Open it Up

Go for open cabinets, they’re a great way to all the rooms in a home. It also adds to the functionality of a room. It keeps you from being able to hide clutter and mess behind closed doors and encourages you to keep it neat and tidy.

Ditch the Curtains

Curtains take up space and keep the light out of a room. If you still need privacy try light-weight horizontal blinds. They’ll allow light in, while still allowing you to close them for privacy. If the view outside is not very pleasant, try some gauzy white curtains that let in the light but distract from the outside view.

Utilize the Furniture

Less furniture means more space so make sure the pieces you choose are useful! An ottoman with storage space can serve as a coffee table as well as additional seating. Grab coffee tables with drawers and stools that fit under the tables and can be pulled out for guests.

Hopefully these tips can help give your home a bigger on the inside feel!

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