While most us would love to own a beautiful home on the beach, it’s not actually something everyone can afford, most of us are just working with what we have. Here are some easy ways to create an amazing outdoor living space that’ll go easy on your budget and won’t strain your DIY skills!

The Patio

You don’t need a huge expensive deck to get a great outdoor space. Pavers are a great DIY project you could feasibly do in a weekend depending on your effort and the size of your space. A patio can be made of many different materials but pavers are one of the easiest to install. The price might be a bit higher than some other options, but you’ll save money in the future by not having to stain it or seal it, and they’re easy to replace and repair!

It’s also important to have some shelter from the sun where you can relax in the shade without having to go back inside. If your budget doesn’t allow for a patio cover, head to your local hardware store for a large retractable umbrella to shade your patio!

Create Openings

Limited access to the backyard is something easily solvable. You may want to look into vinyl or aluminum sliding patio doors, which including instillation and hardware costs, can run around $1,200 to $2,500 from a major hardware store. Or maybe you’d like to check out accordion-style or bi-fold doors.

Accordion-style patio doors allow you to make the outdoors an extension of your home; they’re typically used to open an entire side of a room out onto a deck or patio. Glass doors cover the length of your wall when closed and then fold up to one or both sides. They run about $700 to 1,000 per linear square foot on average, which may not include instillation, making them more expensive than aluminum or vinyl sliding doors.


When picking out the furniture for your outdoor space remember to focus on comfort over style. Your outdoor living space should be comfortable enough to draw people out of the house and keep them away from the TV!


Accessorize your patio just like you would for the inside of your home! Outdoor rugs, some potted plants, some throw cushions and some decorative lighting can change your patio into the welcoming living space you want!

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