When you want to remodel or update your home, you might think you can do everything by yourself easily. It’d be cheaper than hiring a contractor and you can be sure the work gets done. But some projects are more difficult than you’d think. Here are some projects that sound easy but can end in disaster.

Home Demolitions

All home improvement shows make light of demolition day. It’s fun watching people knock down walls and breaking stuff up. But if you try to attempt this you can end up with a huge mess. Make sure you have somewhere to store the rubble leftover from your project; piling bags of rubble into your truck to take to the dump can cause a huge mess, so find out if it’s possible to rent a dumpster for what used to be your wall, which will save you time and trips to the dump.

Kitchen Cabinets

It is imperative that your measurements are extremely precise when cutting wood for your new cabinets. Make sure you measure three or four times before finalizing your cutting. A half-centimeter over or under what you need can cause the cabinets to fit improperly and bring a disastrous end to your cabinet project.


Painting is often seen as extremely simple, but some aspects of it can escape the average homeowner. There are many different types of paint for different surfaces. You might need a high moisture paint for the bathroom otherwise the paint will bubble. Before you lay down your first coat of paint make sure you’re using the right type of paint or you’ll have to repaint everything.

Home Additions

Adding a new bathroom or kitchen is not a problem that should be tackled by first time home improvers, but even most experienced and handiest of people can make expensive mistakes. The most costly mistake that people make is not getting a permit for their work. Forgetting to get a permit can cost you money in fines and it can also put the future sale of your home in jeopardy as some banks may refuse to issue loans for homes with unpermitted construction.


The biggest problem with doing your own tiling is picking a project that is beyond your skill level. Tiling might seem a simple task, but it can be extremely difficult, especially if you’ve never done it before. Choosing the wrong mortar or tile or skipping one small step in the preparations can cause a tile project to fall apart. Start small, do a backsplash before you start tiling the whole floor to see if it’s something you can handle.

Quick-Fix Repairs

Something breaks, moves or leaks and you really quickly patch it up before it can make too much of a mess while you figure out how to repair it for real. Only, you never really get back to fixing it for real. These quick fixes might be causing even more damage to your home. A flex pipe matched up to drain lines after a rushed bathroom makeover can help you for a while but could easily clog which could flood your house causing more damage which costs more to repair than just fixing the pipe in the first place.


Some of the biggest DIY messes come out of deck and patio work. It is expensive work that requires more carpentry skills than anyone realizes. If you want to attempt making a deck yourself, try going for brick or stone to create a patio living space which is much easier to manage while still giving off that cozy feel.

To minimize stress and to save money, remember that you need to know what you’re doing before starting a project. If you don’t, even the easiest tasks could have some serious monetary consequences.

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