It’s spring cleaning time again! Here are some tips that might make the process easier for you!

Don’t Use a Dry Mop

Dry mopping might seem like the best way to get all the dirt off the floor before you mop the floor, but you’d be better off using a vacuum. Vacuuming removes two times more dust and debris than dry mopping, and you want as much dirt off of the floor as you can get. If the dirt is just spread around your kitchen it’ll just make it that much harder to remove next time.

Empty Your Vacuum

Before you start vacuuming make sure you empty the bag or its canister. If it’s more than half full it can affect the performance of your vacuum, which means you’ll have to go over the area you’re cleaning multiple times. Remembering to empty the canister or bag can save you a lot of time and work.

Follow the Instructions

If a cleaning product says to only use a tablespoon per gallon, only use a tablespoon per gallon. More is not always better in this case. Cleaning product is made a specific way, so follow the directions carefully for the best results.

Microfiber Cloths

Dump the paper towels and the rags and find a microfiber cloth to use instead! Microfiber cloths are much more effective at removing dust and grime from surfaces than cotton cloths. You can get these cloths in any shape or size and you can even find them in glove form for easy use! These cloths work on a variety of things from wood floors to your laptop and TV screen, and can even trap some bacteria without the use of chemical cleaners! Heavier stains may need some extra scrubbing but you’ll save yourself some time and money!

Wipe down Your Light Bulbs

Wiping the dust off of your light bulbs can brighten up your home! A dusty bulb emits 20% less light than a clean one. Use a dry microfiber cloth as cleaning solutions and water can affect the electronics. Once you dust off your bulbs you should get a lot more light out of them!

Declutter First

Before you start your detail cleaning you’ve got to make sure that you’re working with a clean slate, put books back on shelves, and the kid’s toys back in the toy box. Make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be, and then start your cleaning.

Don’t Spray the Glass

When you’re cleaning windows or mirrors, spray it into your cloth instead of onto the glass. If you spray directly onto the glass the cleaner can drip into the frame and damage it.

Hopefully these tips will make spring cleaning just a little easier for you!

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