As beautiful and perfect as a staged home usually seems, they’re very rarely decorated for actual living. A stager’s job is to stage the house in a manner to get the home sold, not for individual taste or style. They stage a home in such a way that draws the buyer through the home room by room which makes the home feel more inviting. Everything the stager does is to improve the feel of the home, but you can use these techniques to improve your home even if you’re not selling it!

Make up the Bed

All staged homes have a grand looking master bedroom, with lots of pillows on top of the perfectly folded sheets and blankets. Making the bed can greatly improve the feel of your room just by making it look neater, which in turn will improve your mood!

Expand Your Book Collection

Books are great tools for stagers; they use novels in the office, cookbooks in the kitchen, and scatter them in strategic places throughout the rest of the home. Books are a great source of inspiration for most people, even if you don’t have time to sit down and read an entire book, just having them available to read can be enough to lift your mood. Creating a spot in your home that encourages creativity is a great way to boost your productivity!


Stagers hate clutter. They want every home they stage to be clean and clutter-free. This is easy to achieve in a vacant home but when it comes to occupied homes, some clutter is expected, and even needed. We have bills, clothes, accessories and dishes that we need to function in our homes. Most people find the chore of de-cluttering their home daunting, but getting it done can help de-clutter your mind as well as free up some space in your home. Don’t worry about cleaning everything out immediately; take small steps like emptying a drawer of junk every weekend until you finish. When you finish you’ll feel much better and have more storage space!

Hopefully these tips can help you de-clutter your mind, increase your productivity and just leave you feeling better!

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